Under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Sada, Minister of Energy & Industry

Qatar University's Board of Regents, chaired by HH the Qatar Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, approved on January 22nd, 2007 the establishment of the QU Gas Processing Center proposed by the College of Engineering.

The center addresses the problems, challenges, and opportunities facing the state of Qatar's gas processing industry. The center is focused on two main themes that are Asset Management/Process Optimization and Sustainable Development.

The services provided by the center have been designed to address the necessities and challenges of both Qatar University and the Qatari Industry. These services include:

  • Applied Research Projects/Consulting

  • Professional Training and Seminars

  • Bi-annual Gas Processing Symposium

  • Information Management/Library


Featured Theme

Natural Gas and World’s Energy Mix is this Symposium’s main theme. Natural gas share of the world’s energy has been steadily growing over the last 40 years. Conventional and unconventional natural gas resources are projected to meet around 25% of the world’s energy demands by 2035. The increased share of natural gas in the energy mix is generally attributed to its low environmental impact and convenience in utilization as a fuel or feedstock. It is also a key player in enhancing the efficiencies of power generation system. The challenge of energy security and environment requires solutions that are within reach; and natural gas is a flexible energy source that has the potential to complement emerging alternative technologies.

Qatar has been the world’s pioneer in implementing new processing technologies on a very large scale and accumulated a significant experience in operational excellence; and as such Qatar is positioned as one of the leading LNG and GTL exporters in the world. The country’s leadership has a strong commitment to sustainability, and diversifying the natural gas market. Hence, industry and researchers are both vested on the advancement of technologies that are greener, safer and more efficient.

In recognition of this, the Gas Processing Center at Qatar University and its consortium members are launching their 4th International Symposium with the main theme being ‘Natural Gas and the World’s Energy Mix’. The symposium aims to bring together key academicians and industrial experts to address the various challenges related to accessing, utilizing and processing of natural gas.






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